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STEM Camp - Thornlea Secondary School

June 27, 2018.
Dear Families,
We would like to thank all the students, families and our hard working, committed staff who have made this year at Westminster P.S. such a rewarding one.On behalf of the school, we would like to also say a special thank you to our School Council for their continued support and encouragement of our children and the school.
To our graduates, best wishes as you head off to your secondary schools.You have contributed greatly to our school and you will always be a part of the Westminster Public School family.To the members of our community who are moving, thank you for your contributions to the school and best wishes in your new community.
June is a time for good byes – Ms. Beckles, Ms. Cilia, Mr. Hainschwang, Mrs. Moliterni, Ms. Sentheyval, and Ms. Shani will be leaving Westminster P.S.We wish them the best of luck in their new schools.You will all be greatly missed.Remember, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!
The 2018-2019 school year begins on Tuesday, September …

Letter from the Director and Chair of the Board

June 2018

Dear Families,
As theschoolyearcomes to a close, we wanttotake this opportunitytothankyou fortheimportantrole thatyou playin our education system.Itis our privilege to workalongside you inpartnership tosupport your children inreachingtheirfullpotential.
Overthe pastyear, throughtown halls, coffee chats, communityconsultations,surveys and informal conversations, we have heard directlyfromstudents,families, employees and communitymembers. The feedbackwe heard willguide andstrengthenourongoingworkto identifyand remove barriersand provide opportunitiesforallof ourstudents tothrive and soar.Thankyou to everyone who took

Last day of school!

School ends today at 11:25 a.m.  Thank you to all of our students for learning with us this year.  Thank you to all of our families for your support.
Best wishes for a wonderful summer and see you in September!

Lost and Found

We have a number of clothing and lunch items in our Lost and Found.  All classrooms will be visiting the Lost and Found before the last day of school to identify missing items.  Any items not claimed by the end of the day on Thursday, June 28th will be donated.  Parents attending the Talent Show this evening are encouraged to also review the items in the Lost and Found, on display on the way into the gym.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First NationsInuit and Métis peoples. The Canadian Constitution recognizes these three groups as Aboriginal peoples, also known as Indigenous peoples. Although these groups share many similarities, they each have their own distinct heritage, language, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs. In cooperation with Indigenous organizations, the Government of Canada chose June 21, the summer solstice, for National Aboriginal Day, now known as National Indigenous Peoples Day. For generations, many Indigenous peoples and communities have celebrated their culture and heritage on or near this day due to the significance of the summer solstice as the longest day of the year. Today, we honour and celebrate the role of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit in Canada.

Westminster Clothing Drive & Competition

Starting from Tuesday, June 19, 2018,  Westminster’s Clothing Drive will be taking place. Mr.Kaiman’s class is collecting gently used clothing for Diabetes Canada. Diabetes Canada collects clothing and gives it to Value Village to sell. All the profits made from sales go to Diabetes Canada research and funding for kids with diabetes to go to camp. Your donations will help support 11 million people with diabetes and prediabetes.
The clothing drive will go on until Tuesday, June 26. Students can drop off clothing during school hours. Clothing can also be dropped off before the Talent Show on Thursday, June 21 from 6-6:30pm. You can donate clothing such as: Shirts Pants Coats Scarves Mittens Hats Shoes
Winter clothing is preferable, but all gently used clothing is acceptable. Mr.Kaiman’s class will be hosting a party for the class that brings the most clothing. The party will be an hour long in the gym and will include snacks, dancing, music, dodgeball, and lots of fun partying. You have one wee…

National Indigenous Peoples Day - June 21st

VPL Summer Library Programs


Eid-ul-Fitr falls on the first day of Shawwal, the 10th month of the Muslim calendar, and marks the end of the month of Ramadan. On this day, Muslims who had been observing Ramadan break the fast and celebrate its conclusion.

The day traditionally begins early with a prayer ceremony at the community mosque. Since this is a day to celebrate the renewal of one's commitment to Islam, people may wear new clothes as a symbol of fresh beginnings. Families typically visit one another and exchange good wishes, hugs and handshakes and homes are often decorated to reflect the festive atmosphere of this special day.

On this festive and meaningful occasion for many members of the Islamic community, we join you in wishing staff, students and parents, a happy celebration

Update - Junior Track and Field

The events at the Junior Track and Field meet are running a little behind.  Students will be arriving back at the school closer to 5 p.m.  Parents are welcome to pick up their children at the event location (VSS) but are reminded to check-in with school staff BEFORE leaving.

Area Track and Field Meets - Junior Today and Intermediate now THURSDAY

Good luck to our Junior students competing at today's Area Track and Field Meet.
The Intermediate Area Track and Field Meet, scheduled for tomorrow, has now been POSTPONED because of possible inclement weather to Thursday, June 14th.  The location remains the same.
Thank you to Ms. Beckles, Mr. Zuker and Mr. Feldman for supporting our students at these events!

Lemonade Stand Fundraiser at Bakersfield PS

Reminder: Staff Appreciation Luncheon Monday

Staff Appreciation Lunch

Elections Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Provincial Election and we are once again a community polling station.  As a result, our school and parking lot will be busier than normal.  Please continue to exercise caution and safety when entering and exiting the school.

Early Dismissal June 28th

All schools in the York Region District School Board are committed to improving student achievement and well-being.On Thursday, June 28, 2018, an early release day will take place to allow elementary teachers and support staff to take part in meetings during the afternoon of that day.These meetings will allow for school staff to engage in culminating activities regarding the review and revision of the School’s Improvement Plan as well as year-end and transition activities that support student success. As has been our practice in the past, students will attend school during the morning of Thursday, June 28, 2018 only.Students will be dismissed early that day at 11:25 a.m.Arrangements will be made to ensure that students who are normally bused to and from school will receive transportation at this time.Parents/guardians whose children attend after school child care should make appropriate arrangements to address this change in schedule.


Wesak, is the most important festival of the year for the Buddhist community. It is the observance that commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment and Final Nirvana of the Buddha. Wesak falls on the full moon day of the fifth month of the year. This year Wesak falls on May 29th.
It is said that during the full moon of Taurus, Buddha descents from his high place to bestow spiritual blessings on the world. It is thought that at this time, great expansions of consciousness which are not possible at other times become possible, and that energies are transmitted that assist humanity in taking the next steps on the path of spiritual growth.
Wesak is celebrated in a number of ways around the world. There is often the ceremonial release of small creatures, such as birds or turtles, as a symbol of the Buddha's compassion for all things. A statue of the baby Buddha may be bathed in a ritual commemorating his birth. Dharma talks are given, often on the eight precepts (teachings of Buddhism), sinc…

Yorkhill Fun Fair

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Letter from the Director : Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why

May 24, 2018
Asyoumaybeaware,seasontwooftheNetflixseries13ReasonsWhybecameavailableon NetflixMay18,2018.Asyoumayrecallfromourletterlastspring,theseriesdealswiththe difficult topicof suicide andother complexissues.Seasononeoutlinedthestoryof a17-year-old girlwhodiesbysuicide.Sheleavesbehindcassettetapesfor13peoplewhoseactionsshe perceivedasreasonswhyshekilledherself.Seasontwoexploresseveralotherdif