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Yom Kippur - September 19

Yom Kippur is the Jewish Day of Atonement and the most solemn of the Jewish Holy Days.
Before Yom Kippur, Jews perform the Kaparot atonement service. In the late afternoon they eat the pre-fast meal, followed by blessing their children, light a memorial candle as well as the holiday candles and go the synagogue for the Kol Nidrei service.
In the course of Yom Kippur, five prayer services are held. People ask for forgiveness of their sins and forgive others of theirs. Jews refrain from all eating and drinking on this day.

Pizza Day!

Terry Fox Run - Wednesday, September 26th

Online Payment Information

This year all payments for school activities will take place online; cash and cheques will no longer be accepted.
Please see the information below for the quick and easy steps to register.

International Languages Program

Dear Families,
York Region District School Board’s ElementaryInternational and Indigenous Languages Program is pleased tooffer 23 languages at 33 different sites from Tuesday to Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings for all non-credit Elementary programs. Our Board has one of the largest International and Indigenous Languages programs in the province with approximately 15,000 students who register each year.
Classes run 2.5 hours once a week for 30 weeks, for Elementary SK-8 students who want to learn a new language or maintain their heritage language.  The cost for the entire program is $20.00. 
We would like to share with you our program information, upcoming registration dates and locations.  
First day of classes begin the week of September 14th to 20th, 2018.New student registration (New registrants must submit a copy of the Birth Certificate) begins the week of September 7th to 13th 2018. Site locations, registration time and dates are listed on the yellow fly…

Walking or Cycling to School

Walking or Cycling to School
As we start the 2018-2019 school year, we would like to remind and encourage families to consider walking or cycling with children to and from school. There are many benefits to walking and cycling to school. It:
Improves student academic performance by making children more alert and better prepared to learn. Contributes to the daily goal of 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity for children, improving their health and overall fitness. Reduces traffic congestion and improves safety for everyone in school zones. Promotes life-long habits that foster independence and active lifestyles, preparing children for their future. For those who can’t walk or cycle to school every day, choosing active travel once, twice or a few days a week can still provide benefits. You can also consider parking a block away from the school and walking the rest of the way. Include active travel as part of your daily routine!

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year and begins a solemn ten-day period of contemplation and selfexamination that ends with the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah is the first of the High Holy Days, and the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve. Rosh Hashanah is a two-day celebration beginning on the first day of Tishrei - the first month of the Jewish lunar year. According to the Hebrew calendar, days begin at sundown. Hence Rosh Hashanah begins the evening before Rosh Hashanah day.
These High Holy Days are the most religious days of the year for many Jews, and is a time for reflection and atonement. Many families attend synagogue, praying for peace among nations, among peoples, and within themselves in the coming year. Many people have a special meal where blessings are recited over different symbolic dishes including apples, honey, dates, and pomegranates.
Shana Tova to those celebrating!

School Council - Nominations and Elections NEW DATE!

Are you interested in taking an active role in supporting your child?  Do you have an hour each month to share?  How about joining School Council?

We have both formal, elected roles and informal roles on School Council.  If you are interested in a formal, elected role, please complete the "School Council Nomination Form" (yellow)"  in the "Book for Forms" each student took home the first day of school.  Completed Nomination Forms are due FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th.

Informally, all parents/guardians and community members are welcome to attend and participate in any School Council meeting.

Our first School Council meeting, for our elections, will take place Thursday, September 20th at 7:00 p.m. in the library. All are welcome!

Welcome Letter from the Director

September5,2018 Dear Families,
Wewish totakethisopportunitytowelcomeour newandreturningfamilies.Wehopethat everyone is havinga greatstart tothe schoolyear.
This timeofyear bringswithitnewbeginnings, newroutinesandnewopportunities for growth. Aswe kickoff the 2018-19 schoolyear,weareexcitedtoshare withyouinformationregardingour Board’s newMulti-YearStrategicPlan.
Lastyear, we heldTown Hallmeetings throughoutYork Region. Over2,000 responseswerecollected fromstudents, families,staff andcommunitymember

OPTIONAL Student Accident Insurance (online only)

Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance For your convenience, we’ve made arrangements for families to voluntarily purchase student accident insurance through the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance program, underwritten by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (iA Financial Group).
Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance offers protection against the unexpected costs of injury from accidents, and is especially valuable for families who: do not have medical or dental plans, have limited plans, as it may help supplement health and dental benefits, orhave active children who enjoy sports and outdoor activities.
For complete plan details, please visit

Message from our Trustee

Message From Our Trustee
I am pleased to welcome all of our students and families to the start of the 2018-2019 school year. This is an exciting time of year. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and is looking forward to the months ahead.
York Region District School Board is committed to advancing student achievement and well-being. The Trustees’ new Multi-Year Strategic Plan, developed based on feedback from the community, outlines four priorities that will guide this work: Foster Well-Being and Mental Health, Champion Equity and Inclusivity, Build Collaborative Relationships and Empower Ethical Leadership. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts.
Our schools are stronger when families are engaged. There are many different ways families can support their child’s learning and get involved in life at the school, and I hope that you find opportunities to get engaged.
I wish you all the best for the upcoming school year.

Susan Geller

Co-Existing With Wild Animals in our Community

Dear Families,
We were advised last week by a community member that there have been sightings of a coyote-like animal in the park attached to our school yard.
In order to ensure student safety as we return to school, please be assured that we will continue to carefully monitor our school property throughout the day, including checks of the yard and park before school, before recess and lunch, and before the end of the day.
One of the key reasons wild animals come into our communities is easier access to food.This year, students at Westminster will only be eating food indoors.This will help reduce garbage in the yard, and help eliminate a food source for animals.
Below is information that can help us as community members to live side by side with wild animals.
What you can do at home Never feed wild animalsKeep pet food indoors.Secure garbage in durable plastic containers with locking lids. Store garbage indoors until collection day.Protect gardens with heavy-duty garden fences or place ve…

Welcome Back!

Welcome and welcome back to our new and returning students and families!
Our office is open this week each day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The first day of school is next Tuesday, September 4th and we can't wait to see everyone!Please be advised that classes begin at 8:35 a.m. sharp, our lunch hour will is 12:15 – 1:15 and school ends at 2:55 p.m. for all grades.  Please ensure that your child has a lunch and healthy snacks each day at school.

On the first day of school, our grade 1 to 8 teachers will greet students at the rear of the school where teachers will be holding signs with grades on it.Families can speak with the appropriate teacher to find out what classroom their child will be in. Our K2 (Senior Kindergarten) students will proceed to the Kindergarten yards where they will be met by the Kindergarten Educator teams.Our K1 (junior kindergarten) students will come to school just for the afternoon on Tuesday, September 4th.Please come to the gym at 1:15 p.m. where students wil…

STEM Camp - Thornlea Secondary School

June 27, 2018.
Dear Families,
We would like to thank all the students, families and our hard working, committed staff who have made this year at Westminster P.S. such a rewarding one.On behalf of the school, we would like to also say a special thank you to our School Council for their continued support and encouragement of our children and the school.
To our graduates, best wishes as you head off to your secondary schools.You have contributed greatly to our school and you will always be a part of the Westminster Public School family.To the members of our community who are moving, thank you for your contributions to the school and best wishes in your new community.
June is a time for good byes – Ms. Beckles, Ms. Cilia, Mr. Hainschwang, Mrs. Moliterni, Ms. Sentheyval, and Ms. Shani will be leaving Westminster P.S.We wish them the best of luck in their new schools.You will all be greatly missed.Remember, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!
The 2018-2019 school year begins on Tuesday, September …

Letter from the Director and Chair of the Board

June 2018

Dear Families,
As theschoolyearcomes to a close, we wanttotake this opportunitytothankyou fortheimportantrole thatyou playin our education system.Itis our privilege to workalongside you inpartnership tosupport your children inreachingtheirfullpotential.
Overthe pastyear, throughtown halls, coffee chats, communityconsultations,surveys and informal conversations, we have heard directlyfromstudents,families, employees and communitymembers. The feedbackwe heard willguide andstrengthenourongoingworkto identifyand remove barriersand provide opportunitiesforallof ourstudents tothrive and soar.Thankyou to everyone who took