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Yom Kippur

For all those families observing Yom Kippur in our school community, we wish you an easy fast and a sweet New Year. 

Picture Day October 2nd

A reminder of our school Picture Day coming on Monday, October 2nd.  There will be class pictures as well as individual student pictures.  Parents are to fill out their order forms if you wish to buy a picture package. A retake day has been scheduled sometime in November for those who are absent on Monday.  


Our Terry Fox Walk is on September 29th

Every year, schools around the country talk about the example that Terry Fox provides our students. His struggles to raise awareness of cancer while fighting his own battle with the disease was a true example of courageperseverance and optimism. Three of the character traits that we teach our students and hope they can apply in their own lives when facing their own challenges. Since September's character trait focus is "courage" Terry regularly comes up as one of our national heroes that demonstrates this trait in all he did.
This year marks the 28th year that Westminster will be participating in the annual Terry Fox walk/run at school. On September 29th all our students will be running or walking the perimeter of the grounds behind the school. 
We are asking all those who wish to donate at least $2 for a "Toonie for Terry" on the day. These funds will go to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. You can also make your contributions online from our schoo…

Lunchbox Orders at Westminster PS

Dear Parents,                                              
Our School Council is happy to share that Lunchbox Orders will be offered at Westminster Public School this school year.  Look out for the letter sent home today. 

Not familiar with Lunchbox Orders? Lunchbox Orders is a convenient, online ordering platform featuring local restaurants. An ordering calendar has been coordinated for the Westminster community and can be found at      

All orders are submitted on the website and payment is processed on-line by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Visa Debit.  Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards are also accepted as a payment method.    

The lunch calendar is NOW open and features the following options:   

How to Order: 
1. Go online at and click “ORDER LUNCH”. 
2. New to Lunchbox Orders?  Click “Create an Account” to register your family’s account. 
3. Already registered?  Please login directly with your current user name (e-mail address) and password…

Don't Forget our School Council Meeting

All Westminster PS community members are welcome to our School Council meeting on Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00-8:30 p.m.Child care will be available for school age children.

This will be our first meeting of the year and our School Council elections. As parents it is very important to be involved in your children’s education and being involved in your child’s school is very beneficial to their whole educational experience. At School Council meetings we discuss many aspects of school life and hear about school initiatives from our Principal and teacher representatives. 
As parents, we are all busy, but we urge you to make the time to come out to our meetings and get involved, meet other parents just like you who want to help the school and to ensure that our children are getting the very best school experience. Come out and hear about your child's school, ask questions and give your input. 

See you all there! Westminster PS School Council

School Council September 27th

All Westminster PS community members are welcome to our School Council meeting on September 27th at 7:00-8:30 p.m.Child care will be available for school age children.

This will be our first meeting of the year and our School Council elections. As parents it is very important to be involved in your children’s education and being involved in your child’s school is very beneficial to their whole educational experience. At School Council meetings we discuss many aspects of school life and hear about school initiatives from our Principal and teacher representatives. We help plan Community Outreach events that support our school community and encourage school spirit. Our first event, which is our annual Family Autumn Ball is already planned for October 25th and is a great way for us to reach out to our community and have fun with our children and friends.  
Some reasons to get involved in School Council are: 1. To stay abreast of school initiatives and focus.
2. To learn about School and Board…

PA Day Monday, September 25th

A reminder that this Monday, September 25th is a P.A. Day for elementary schools in the York Region District School Board including Westminster P.S.  Classes will resume on Tuesday, September 26th.
The Y.R.D.S.B. calendar can be found here:
Did you know that Westminster maintains an online calendar?  You can view the calendar (or add it to your personal calendar) by using this link: Keep checking this calendar for updates of school events throughout the year.
Are you looking for activities to do with your children on the P.A.Day?  Consider your local library (Bathurst Clark) or another Vaughan Public Library.  Additional details about a variety of engaging learning activities prepared for the P.A. Day and throughout the year can be here:

Class Re-Organization

Dear Parents/Guardians: Re: Re-organization of Grade(s) 1-6:
As a result of the changes that have taken place between June and September in our school’s enrolment and in order to comply with the Ministry of Education’s Primary Class Size Compliance requirements, as well as acceptable class sizes in all classrooms, we have needed to make modifications to our classroom organizations.  All changes will take effect on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.
We have reorganized and deleted one classroom. Unfortunately, Ms. Michael who teaches 5/6 has been relocated to another school as of September 25th, 2017.  A letter was sent home today with all students explaining any homeroom class changes for our remaining teachers.
If your child’s classroom placement was changed, another letter was sent home letting you know today.  Also, your child was given the opportunity to visit in their new class this afternoon to meet their new teacher and class.  We will move permanently to our new organization on Tuesday,…

Rosh Hashanah - Shanah Tovah

To all our families and community members who celebrate Rosh Hashanah, we want to wish you all a happy and sweet New Year.  Shana Tovah!

Our Curriculum Night 2017

Thanks to all those who made it out to our Curriculum Night last night. For those who weren't able to be there, you are welcome to call your child's teacher if you have any questions about their program and our school initiatives. 

We started the evening in the gym where our Principal, staff and School Council co-chair were introduced. We then shared some of the priorities at our school. This was followed by individual class or grade presentations in each classroom which we trust you found informative.  

At our introduction, we also shared how Westminster is implementing the York Region District School Board's three specific areas of focus.  
MathematicsMental HealthModern LearningYou can read more about these Board priorities on the Board's website at

At Westminster P.S. we strive to support these priorities while always having student achievement and well-being at the core.  We are continuously working to create a positive school environment to enable your …

Curriculum Night September 14th, 2017

Dear Westminster PS Families,
This is a reminder that you’re invited to Westminster’s Curriculum Night!  Join us on Thursday, September 14th at 6:00 p.m.  All families and student's accompanied by a family member are welcome. Teachers will be presenting curriculum in grade partners for collaborative presentations. What to expect: Meet the WPS staff including your children's teacher.Learn about School and Board goalsLearn about current and upcoming school initiatives.Be introduced to the curriculum your children will be exposed to this year.Find out about expectations, rules, routines, procedures, etc.Have an opportunity to ask questions.Room Allocations: 
FDK - Sentheyval/Almeida and Sevel/Piso - Room 116
Grade 1 and 2 - Einhorn and Clark - Room 111
Grade 3 and 3/4 - Lazer and Yang - Room 113
Grade 4/5, 5/6 and 6 - Zuker, Michael and Basta - Library
Grade 7/8 - Kaiman and Beckles - Room 217

Welcome and overview of our school (gym): 6:00 pm-6:20 pm Session #1 6:20 pm- 7:00 pm - in class…

Letter to YRDSB Families

Dear Families,
We wish to take this opportunity to welcome our new and returning families. We hope everyone is having a great start to the school year.
Families are our most important partners in education, and we share a common goal – to support our students in reaching their full potential. At York Region District School Board, our core business is student achievement and well-being. We know students achieve their best and feel better about themselves when they feel safe, respected and have a strong sense of belonging. In other words, school and classrooms that are equitable and inclusive lay an important foundation for excellence in achievement and well-being.
Recognizing the importance of equity and inclusion in our Board, we believe it’s important to address incidents of anti-black, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia and other forms of oppression we have recently seen taking place around the world.
This was seen most recently in the United States as well as right here in our co…

School Renovations continued...

This summer our school had some more renovations done. All our ceiling tiles and lights were removed and replaced and the vent circulation cleaned. As you can imagine, it was a big job. We also had new floors put down in parts of the school. Our wonderful caretaking staff, Stuart, Tom and Brad, spent the summer cleaning up after this work to reduce the dust pile up.  As a result, our school looks newer and brighter. Thank you gentlemen! 

Throughout the year, we are hoping to have each classroom painted with a fresh coat of paint as well. For a school that is over 30 years old, the ongoing work these last few years to renew and rejuvenate it have been very much appreciated. Next time you drop by take a look around....our little old school doesn't look her age....   

We had a great first day of school....

We had a fabulous first day of school yesterday! Our students spent the day meeting their friends and getting to know their teachers and routines.
At our first day assembly, we talked about our goals for the year and our hopes for ensuring a happy and positive school climate for all our children and staff. To do this, we see ourselves as a community. A community is built on relationships where we are always looking out or standing up for each other. We understand how important it is to develop our own self-regulation skills. We work at being kind and patient with one another and we get help when we need it.
Our Goals:  
To learn in a positive environment To feel safe and secure To succeed to the best of your ability   academically - your studies   emotionally - your feelings
  socially - your friendships and how you interact with others
Our Goals: How to Achieve our Goals? 
Take responsibility for yourself and your learning Understand and accept the consequences of your behaviour and your c…

School Start-Up Package

Guide to the 2017-2018 and School Year Start-Up Package
All students in YRDSB have been provided with a Guide Book and Start-up Package that outlines useful information from the school and Board.All families are asked to read this along with the school information in the Start-up Package.
You are asked to sign and return several  important agreement forms that you will find in your package (purple forms).  As well as, the Technology Agreement to allow your children to use technology to enhance their learning, confirmation of subscription to our School Blog for all further communication, and the Cash Online program for convenient payment options. 
Please also consider volunteering your time to benefit our school and returning the volunteer list and School Council form.
Most importantly, we ask that you carefully look over your child’s Personal Student Verification forms when they come home with emergency phone numbers which must be corrected, signed and returned to the schoolto ensure tha…

First Day of School September 5th, 2017

Wishing all our WPS family community a Happy Labour Day weekend!  We hope you are enjoying the last long weekend of summer!

We are looking forward to seeing your children back to school on Tuesday morning bright and early. Staff will meet them in the back yard of the school and class lists will be called out at 8:30 a.m. Teachers will have signs with their name and grade and your children should go to the grade teachers to hear their name on class lists. Senior Kindergarten students should go directly to the kindergarten enclosures.Once the class is assembled children will be escorted inside to their classes. We ask that family members say good bye to their children outside before they enter the school. Thank you. 

We have an organization created for the school to begin the year. Please be aware that as in all schools, adjustments and reorganizations may occur within the first three weeks of September when student enrollment is confirmed.  

We know that the first day of school is an exci…

Welcome back Westminster!

On behalf of the staff here at Westminster P.S. we welcome back our returning families and extend a warm welcome to the new families joining our school community.  We hope that everyone’s summer has been safe and enjoyable and that you are all looking forward to the year ahead. We invite you to our annual Curriculum Night on September 14th when you will be able to meet your child’s teachers and hear about their curriculum. So save the date!
Westminster P.S. enjoys strong community support and the efforts of our school council are to be commended. We want to thank you in advance for your support in making Westminster an outstanding and safe learning environment for all. An excellent way to make your contributions to the education of your children is to come out to our monthly School Council meetings to hear about school initiatives and get to know other community members. We hope to see many of our parents at the School Council meeting scheduled September 27th at 7:00 p.m. Please come o…

Message from our Trustee

As we begin the 2017-2018 school year, I want to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new and returning students and families. This is an exciting time of year and I hope you are starting this new school year as trustees are - with optimism and a commitment to working together to continue advancing student achievement and well-being.
An important part of that commitment is working together with staff members, families and communities to ensure our schools provide an environment that is safe, welcoming and inclusive. This takes on increasing importance given recent local and global events. We take pride in the diversity of our communities and will continue striving to uphold the values of equity and inclusivity in our system.
Trustees have had a busy summer, welcoming ournew Human Rights Commissioner and beginning the process for selecting a new Director of Education as we continue to move forward implementing theMinister’s Directions.  
An important part of the director selection…

YRDSB Director of Education Recruitment

Dear York Region District School Board families,  

As you may be aware, York Region District School Board is currently recruiting for a Director of Education. The responsibility of selecting a Director is one of the most important tasks of the Board of Trustees.    

The Board has engaged the services of Phelpsgroup, a leading Canadian executive search firm, to gather your input into the qualities and characteristics of the Board’s new Director of Education.  

Your input is critical and will inform both the job description and evaluation criteria used in the recruitment process.  Please take a few minutes to complete the online survey (also accessible through the Board website The survey results will be submitted electronically directly to Phelpsgroup and held in strict confidence by the consultant.  

Responses received by September 17, 2017 will be considered in the initial development of the Director of Education job description and candidate profile.  Responses received a…