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Eco Initiatives

Our Eco Club is busy educating our school by going from class to class and giving them feedback on how to improve their recycling and energy conservation. Thanks goes to our Eco club students from different classes and teacher leaders who are committed to working on our Eco initiatives and encouraging our school community to reduce, reuse and recycle! 

Boomerang Lunches continues: At Westminster we encourage students to participate in Boomerang Lunches. A Boomerang Lunch is when students return home items from their lunch to be disposed of or recycled at home in order to reduce the contents of our garbage at school. 

GOOS Paper: We have begun a campaign to encourage paper recycling with the use of GOOS paper, “Good On One Side” paper.  Each class was provided with a special green basket to encourage the collection and reuse of scrap paper so that both sides of the paper can be used. This will reduce our paper consumption and make our students more mindful paper use.

Marker Recycling: We are collecting old dried up markers and sending them to be recycled and turned into diesel fuel.  Send any old markers to school rather than throwing it in the garbage and help reduce the plastic in our landfills. 

Electricity Conservation: We are also monitoring our electricity usage.  When we are out of our classrooms we must turn off the lights to help conserve energy.  You can be more Eco friendly at home too!  Everyone can do their part to Help our environment!  Go Westminster!


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