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Autism Awareness Day

Light it up blue!  Westminster is wearing blue for Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. The United Nations declared this day in order to bring the world's attention to this spectrum disorder that affects millions globally.   Staff and students are honoring this day by learning about the differences and similarities of all our students as well as those with autism.  Westminster is proud of the positive school climate that we are creating that encourages acceptance and understanding amongst students of all ages and abilities.  Help us celebrate all our children by wearing blue on April 2nd.

The Power of Positive Parenting

"Being a parent is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, but it is not always easy."  Triple P Tip Sheet Last week, parents from our community and other schools participated in a Triple P Parenting Seminar. This was the first of three sessions that will be hosted at Westminster. The session focussed on strategies for positive parenting which involves emphasizing the positive and planning ahead to prevent problems. Ultimately, the message was clear that parents need to be aware that consistency of approach and positive modelling of behaviour as well as patience and perseverance is key.  For some there is no quick fix but desired behaviour can be learned given time and persistence. "To do this we need to help them develop the skills they need to reach their potential. These skills include being able to communicate their needs, get on well with others, try to do their best, manage their emotions, and feel good about themselves as they grow up." This is consistent

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new school blog!  By using the technology available to us, Westminster Public School is using a variety of ways to reach out to our school community. Our goal is to encourage ongoing communication between home and school and build a true sense of community. We hope that this will serve as another way to let you know  what is going on in your child's school and how you can help your child succeed.  We know that s tudents are more engaged with their learning when their families are involved with their school and show interest in their education. Along with our School Newsletters, School Website and new Twitter account, the WPS blog will provide you with information about school events, dates, curriculum implementation and much more.    Our blog can send out up-to-date information bits and reminders straight to your computer or phone. Please take a moment to subscribe by providing your email to ensure that you receive these blogs as they come out.  Thank you for y